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WHAT IS INFORMATHERAPY (informotherapy) ?
  • It combines a holistic approach to alternative medicine, exactness of classical medicine, but goes beyond the so-called quantum aspect of using advanced technology and latest knowledge of working with cells on language that they understand, working directly through the information that cells communicate with each other.
  • Possibilities of work with this system are inexhaustible. Therefore, even doctors of classical Western medicine and alternative therapists decide to use informatherapy in practice.
  • Informa therapist has significant influence with his approach and knowledge on the direction of diagnosis and therapy. So, below is described my approach to this work.

“If I am not for myself, who will be for me ?
And if I am only for myself , what am I?
And if not now, when?”


NOTES for treatment of informatherapy (informotherapy)

  • Treatment is done after completing the diagnostic examination and it consists of information that we have previously examined and found out that it functions optimally on problems found by diagnose
  • Information is stored in neutral
    tablets (medium for the transmission
    of information) that are dissolved
    in water and drink twice a day (morning / evening)
  • After basic month therapy is taken (within which we treated organs, pathogenic organisms and specific disease) new diagnostic examination is done in which we compare the previous and current state of the organism
  • If it is necessary, we do deeper analysis of the remaining issues and increase dose of new therapies
  • FREE re-diagnostic
  • Estimated time for bringing the body by informatherapy into realistic potential and optimal balance
    is between 1-3 months
  • In my personal experience the fastest and the most visible results in my personal experience are reflected in ALLERGIES (also in children), DIGESTIVE DISORDERS, EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL IMBALANCE, and very good results are achieved in the treatment of BACTERIA, VIRUSES, PARASITES and FUNGI
  • Since the therapy consists only “informed” water, which composition isn’t chemically change, therapy is harmless (also for children and pregnant women) and if it is combined with other already existing therapy there are no contraindications
  • In order to get better results it is suggested to avoid stimulants like cigarettes, coffee, alcohol during the examination and treatment


Informatherapist – Sasa Benic



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