Biofrequency Chamber

  • Biofrequency chamber – the latest method for increasing the frequency, flow, and capacity of cellular energy in all organs and systems of the body.
  • Based on the fusion of ancient Chinese medicine and modern frequency – crystal/mineral therapy, so it combines a wide and amplified spectrum of all tested and known therapeutic frequencies.
  • In contrast to similar conventional and alternative medical equipment (zepter, infra lamps, bioresonants, microwave apparatuses, etc.), the biofrequency chamber stands out because it unites and potentiates the abilities of all existing apparatusses used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.
  • World-renowned and awarded for outstanding quality and innovation in modern medicine, the biofrequency chamber also contains a large archive of clinical trials and documentation, which illustrate its successful applications in modern Chinese hospitals in the past ten years.
  • Although the chamber’s therapeutic applications are unlimited and are not associated with any adverse side-effects, its most common application in China is to facilitate the regeneration of the following systems and physiological functions:

1. Skin – herpes zoster, wound healing, psoriasis…
2. Nervous system – fatigue, depression, epilepsy, autism
3. Muscles and joints – aches and injuries
4. Immune system and endocrine system – improved efficiency
5. Improving and cleansing the cardiovascular system, circulatory functions, lymphatic system, and body meridians
6. Digestive and urogenital problems – constipation, colitis, inflammation of the bladder (cystitis)…
7. Improving hormonal balance, libido, and fertility

  • working on amplifying the flow of energy through all therapeutic acupuncture points and meridians